VBirthday for Pocket PC

An efficient birthday reminder tool, useful for any kind of date

This application serves as a PocketPC 'Today Screen' Plug-in to inform you of your friends' Birthday and Anniversary dates as you switch on your PocketPC.

VBirthday scans your contacts for all the Birthday/Anniversary events, sorts them in a specified order and displays upcoming dates on the 'Today' screen of your PocketPC! You'll never miss another memorable date again!

Key features include:

  • Scans your Contacts database and Appointments database for birthdasy/anniversaries
  • Has own database for events
  • Checks dates up to 1 year back and ahead
  • Highligths events that occur today (optional)
  • Shows number of days to the event (optional)
  • Able to take contact details by simple tapping
  • Selectable date display formats
  • Selectable name display formats
  • Selectable icons for every event (96 icons!)
  • Selectable font size
  • Selectable icons for events
  • Displays Age and Anniversary year (optional)
  • Uses minimal amount of space on your 'Today' screen
  • Invisible when no events present (optional)

An easy to use way of not forgetting those important dates!

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VBirthday 2.0

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